PictureNoble wants authors to KEEP QUIET
Yesterday, Friday, I called and emailed both Heather Sharp, the attorney for Noble Romance Publishing and Mr. Jean Gombart, the CEO of Noble Romance Publishing. Neither would take my call or email me back about returning my author rights of my novels. In an effort to provide proof I'm using a public forum for all my fellow authors and those curious about what goes on behind the curtain in publishing. So I am providing proof number one today.

PROOF #1  See my comments below after these two emails from Jill Noble, Editor and professed owner of Noble Romance Publishing.

"Jill N. Noble jill@nobleromance.com
 Cherie, after sharing some of your earlier emails with our CEO, it was decided I would filter your email into a file where I no longer have to read it. Your contracts do not require me to subject myself to your rude diatribes. If you feel NRP is in breach of your contracts, feel free to take the appropriate steps, as listed in said contracts.

This will be the last communication you will receive from me, directly."
It's a business doing pleasure with you!

Jill N. Noble
Senior Editor
Noble Romance Publishing, LLC
"Dare to Be Different."

"Jill N. Noble jill@nobleromance.com

Dear Ms. De Sues,

Per the terms of your publishing contracts for Dangerous Curves, Triage, and South of the Border, Noble Romance has submitted an order to Lightning Source for 5 author copies of each book. These author copies are provided to you free of charge as listed in section XI of said contracts. Noble Romance has no control over when these books are shipped, but Lightning Source normally ships orders within 2-3 business days of order placement. They have indicated Triage will be shipped separately, so there may be a delay in the shipping of that title."

When my three novels, Dangerous Curves, Triage and South of the Border finally arrived after months of waiting, they were incorrectly formatted, double-spaced. That means the cost of the book is doubled because of how many pages or weight of the book. In fact, no one would buy Dangerous Curves for $25.00 because Noble Romance Publishing didn't format correctly and never adjusted the title so the cost would be $12.50. That cut into my royalties terribly and is a breach of my contract.

After many complaints from me, many months later Dangerous Curves was pulled from all bookstores without notifying me instead of fixing the problem. That is a breach of my contract. I was never paid my full royalties for Dangerous Curves when it hit the bestseller list at ARE (All Romance Ebooks). That is a breach of my contract. In fact, the rest of my ebooks were not put into print as promised by Jill Noble by way multiple emails to me that I have saved. That is a breach of my contract.

After these two emails below Jill would no longer communicate with me or answer my emails about concerns or breaches of my contracts. I sent emails to corporate and a letter to Heather Sharp the attorney to return my rights because of breaches in my contract and they were never answered. That is a breach of my contract.

Making a big move in life makes me nervous, yet I eventually embrace the opportunities and go for it. That's my nature. Now I'm faced with making some major decisions with my writing career. This is difficult for me, but I must move forward...I've seen what is behind me.

Publishing houses are going through major changes, everyone knows that when bookstores are as rare as the dodo bird these days. Ebooks are the wave of the future, digital sharing libraries and instant downloading to Kindle or Nook at any hour is great.

Knowing all this, what I wasn't prepared for was the crumbling morals of two out of the three publishers that publish my novels. One due to mismanagement of money (my royalties), the other breached multiple agreements in hundreds of author's contracts.

Many authors from these houses share my frustration, but life is full of challenges and it is time to move on. As a suspense & thriller romance author, I have to either stay in my warm fuzzy world or push myself to reach much higher goals. To step up with my writing will require hours of my spare time and I'm ready to do that willingly. There are so many honest and forward-thinking publishers in the industry. I was born to write and I will embrace my future by making the big move.

I loved writing this book. I took a road I've never taken before and it led me to "Bound". I've been writing erotic suspense for quite some time, so adding a little bondage kink was not real difficult. What I found to be the most challenging were the characters themselves.

I chose a hispanic woman who is saucy, vibrant and outspoken to balance Marcus who is strong, ex-military and passionate for Elysa.

I'm still waiting for reviews, but the book is doing very well through word-of-mouth. Here's the blurb.

No special dating service can help Elysa find a special man who can satisfy her kinky, sexual proclivity. Only one man from her past has ever matched her every desire--and he disappeared after only one magical night.

Agent Marcus Colby finds himself with the undesirable assignment of telling Elysa that a homicidal rapist has her in his sights. But how will she react when he faces her again after all these years?

Can the man from her past solve both of her problems--sexual satisfaction and survival?

I love this time of the year. The fall leaves changing colors, a crispness in the air blowing from the mountains and the promise of a scary new book. I haven't chosen one yet, but I have many indie author friends who write with such skill it won't be hard to find one for my Kindle.

I do have three novels that are very suitable for a Halloween read. Check out West Salem, Tales of the Red Moon Clan or Seduction of Simone. Each novel represents either ghosts, shapeshifters, witches or fae. These spirits or creatures if you will, mean Halloween or Samhain to me. (Samhain is a Wiccan ceremony of remembering and communicating with the dead).

A good read, either by ebook, audio or print can bring you into a world you may never otherwise know existed. I try to bring realism into each paranormal suspense novel so the reader can enjoy the thrills. So that's what I look for in a novel, novella or short story too.