Making a big move in life makes me nervous, yet I eventually embrace the opportunities and go for it. That's my nature. Now I'm faced with making some major decisions with my writing career. This is difficult for me, but I must move forward...I've seen what is behind me.

Publishing houses are going through major changes, everyone knows that when bookstores are as rare as the dodo bird these days. Ebooks are the wave of the future, digital sharing libraries and instant downloading to Kindle or Nook at any hour is great.

Knowing all this, what I wasn't prepared for was the crumbling morals of two out of the three publishers that publish my novels. One due to mismanagement of money (my royalties), the other breached multiple agreements in hundreds of author's contracts.

Many authors from these houses share my frustration, but life is full of challenges and it is time to move on. As a suspense & thriller romance author, I have to either stay in my warm fuzzy world or push myself to reach much higher goals. To step up with my writing will require hours of my spare time and I'm ready to do that willingly. There are so many honest and forward-thinking publishers in the industry. I was born to write and I will embrace my future by making the big move.


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