Today I phoned Heather Sharp, the attorney for Noble Romance Publishing three times and emailed twice to get my rights back of my novels due to many breaches of my contract. In an effort to provide proof I'm using a public forum for all my fellow authors and those curious about what goes on behind the curtain in publishing. Jill Noble professed to own Noble Romance Publishing to all her authors and here is the proof. I am providing proof of this breach by Noble Romance Publishing.

PROOF #2 Read my comments at the end.

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"Just keeping you all informed.

I'm stripping all the formatting from approximately half our books and re-doing *all* the files. They contain "junk" that's keeping our files from converting properly to the various formats.

I'm starting with the 15 or so I need to re-do for Barnes and Noble. As I re-do files, I will be sending you all updated author copies. Once the books are stripped, I'll be adding them to Smashwords, since Smashwords converts to certified ePUB (which we need for Apple).

I apologize for any inconvenience any of this causes, regarding delays, etc. It is was it is - and I've learned *a lot* since starting this company 3.5 years ago. Unfortunately, I made a few mistakes (file-creation-wise). Top priority = well-edited, well-formatted e-books. Quality for their buck.

I'll keep in touch w/updates.

PS. Received our first mock on the new site design home page. With a bit of tweaking, it's going to be *really* nice.


This breach is not a small thing. When an author signs contracts with Jill Noble and her signature is at the bottom and Jill tells you she owns the company, Noble Romance Publishing...you believe that. When Jill was fired by a family member, Jim (James) Noble, none of the authors knew who he was or that Mr. Noble was the owner of Noble Romance Publishing. In fact, most of the authors for Noble wrote, emailed and called for weeks until a statement from Noble Romance Publishing was finally released to the public and some of the authors. All the Noble authors were not informed, like me. All the forums and links were shut down and most of the authors thought Noble Romance Publishing was no more.

In Noble Romance Publishing contracts it states that Noble must do business as usual or forfeit authors rights and return them immediately. I asked for those rights and no one answered. The contract also states that royalties must be paid and they were not and continue to be wrong to this date. That is a breach of my contract.


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