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For well over a year about 20 Noble authors screamed "BREACH" of their contracts with Noble Romance Publishing and I am one of them. I haven't been paid all my royalties from ARE (All Romance Ebooks) and other sites including overseas, and my communications to reclaim my book rights overall as an author with Noble Romance have been ignored. I intend to publicly show proof of the many breaches of my Noble Contract until I get my rights back.

So far, with the exception among my writing peers I've been silent in the press & web, but not any longer. I have over 70,000 friends on my social websites...so see what authors and the book industry are saying about Noble.

Dealing with Noble is a double edged sword

I've learned that In an effort to silence the Noble authors in the last few weeks, Noble Romance has secretly begun to reach "agreements" to settle with the most outspoken authors out of court with Noble's lawyer Heather Sharp at the Robbins Firm in Atlanta, Georgia. That leaves many authors out in the cold who have done their due diligence of sending notification to Noble Romance to get their rights back.

Now Heather Sharp considers herself, "Tough, Smart, and Effective," on her website, and many Noble authors are claiming they were tricked into signing agreements that are not in their best interests. I do want my rights back, but I won't sign an agreement to give Noble my copyrights. Hell no.

Mr. Gombart, the acting CEO of Noble Romance, who two years ago was the manager of Francois & Co. that sells rocks and stone, has no experience in publishing. Here's his own words about ARE and working with Noble authors. Mr. Jim Noble is the owner of Noble Romance Publishing and not familiar with publishing either when he and his family member Jill Noble who ran Noble Publishing parted ways. Here's Jill Noble's own words when she left Noble.

“Well, I want you all to know, I tried. I really did try - and for a little bit, I thought I'd succeeded, and I'd soon obtain full control of the company so I could resolve many of the problems we've had and take NRP to the next level. Unfortunately, the light I saw at the end of the tunnel turned out to be a freight train.

“Effective immediately, but after much thought, I have decided to part ways with Noble Romance Publishing. I have many powerful. legitimate reasons for doing so, but suffice to say, the owner and I have major differences in how we believe we should run the company and how we should treat our authors and freelance workers, and our visions for the company's future are miles apart. This, in addition to him making it literally impossible for me to do my job and do it well, has led me to make this very painful decision. Barring a miracle or some other form of Divine Intervention, Lisa Collicutt's book, The Devil's Flower, is the last one I'll work on/release for Noble Romance Publishing. I'll have the book uploaded and live in just a bit. After that, I'm done.

“At this moment, I do not know what the owner's plans are, as far as the company's immediate future is concerned. I'm pretty sure he'll keep it up and running, in some form, so he can earn back some of his initial investment. I, on the other hand, only invested years of my life, my talent, my expertise, and my hard labor, and so I don't imagine there is any way I'll recoup my contribution. ;-) I'm not concerned about that, though. For me, this has always been a labor of love. I've met a lot of really wonderful, talented people (and let's face it - a few crazy ones, too, lol), and up until this past year, I never looked on my position here as a "job." Jobs are never this fun. To say I've enjoyed working with you sounds like such a cliche, but I promise you, it's true. I'm hoping many of you will want to keep in touch and maintain a friendship on some other level. On the bright side, I can now review your books without being accused of practicing favoritism.

“I'm sure, at some point soon, the owner or one of his assistants will be in contact with the authors to let them know what to expect. I'm certain they will honor all contract terms, and there's always the possibility they'll hire someone else to do my job. Meanwhile, if you have questions or concerns specific to NRP or NYA, I recommend you contact sara@nobleromance.com.

“I sincerely apologize for the fact that my parting ways with NRP will no doubt disrupt some of your lives, to one degree or another. I hope you're treated fairly; I believe you will be. You all have contracts; follow them to the letter, and you'll be fine.

“As for myself, I'll be moving on and doing my own thing. I feel like I have a lot to offer when it comes to assisting authors in polishing their manuscripts, advising them on their careers, and assisting them in achieving their goals. I'll also be available as an e-publishing/self-publishing consultant, and I intend to do more ghostwriting. But most importantly, I'm going back to writing. I've neglected my own characters for far too long. If there's one bright spot in all of this, my having time to write is it.

“I wish all of you nothing but success. If there's anything I can do for you, personally, please let me know. You can reach me here for a little while, but I'll be phasing out this email address and moving all my important folders to jill.noelle.noble@gmail.com in the near future“

“Oh, and please, if you know anyone who needs to be made aware of this, but they are for some reason not on the authors' loop, please pass this along."

“Take care, and Kind Regards,
“Jill N. Noble Freelance Editor, Ghostwriter, Author”

Okay, so the bottom line here is to get my rights back and warn new authors to stay away from Noble Romance Publishing. Read what the authors, RWA, RT and industry leaders are saying about Noble Romance. ARE has pulled all of Noble Romance Publishing books off their shelves. You must consider the life of your career, is it worth tarnishing your author name with Noble Romance? Are you ready to lose your rights?


08/17/2013 11:50am

Hi Cheri, I want to say that the agreements are not and were not created in secret. You are not out in the cold. Also, Noble never has owned your copyrights.

08/17/2013 1:17pm

Thank you Margie, but when you're one of many authors who haven't received your rights back and have done all the paperwork, phone calls, emails and complaints...it does seem like a select few were given their rights back. When you make a deal quietly and sign a non disclosure, it is a secret. That's the point. You don't tell the other authors looking for their rights back because you agreed not to with Noble. I heard that a copyright clause was inserted in the original agreement, not that the clause had been taken out.

08/17/2013 12:04pm

Hi Cheri,

I wanted to reiterate what Margie said. Yes, there are no secret agreements and they are straightforward. Noble isn't attempting to get the copyrights. They never owned them and they don't own the ones of those who have signed. The author always owns the copyright.

The agreements have not been done in secret either. Many of us received emails, and while I can't divulge the terms of the agreement, I can say that there is a provision whereby I can state publicly that my relationship with Noble Romance has terminated.

I urge any author who is signed with Noble to write to Heather Sharp heather.sharp@robbinsfirm.com and request a termination agreement. Redline anything untoward and negotiate your way out.

08/17/2013 1:25pm

Hi Britta,

Thanks for your comment, but like I explained to Margie, when a select few of the many authors who have been doing the right things to get their rights back are not given "emails" from Noble's attorney Heather Sharp and no one can talk about it...that's a secret.

If copyright was ever on the table as a clause then the remaining authors need to know that so they can get their rights back free and clear of any relationship of Noble. All the breached authors went into this fight together and the few that got their rights back never told the rest of the ex-Noble authors. That's secretive plain and simple.

08/17/2013 2:14pm

Cherie, perhaps we formed a unified, unemotional, factual voice and that's why our contracts have been addressed. If there's a copyright class in your original book contracts, you must address that. None of ours had one. In the termination of rights, there should be no issue. As Brita stated, contact Heather Sharp.

08/17/2013 2:02pm

To clarify - most agreements were just recently signed and the agreement states we can't talk about the terms of the agreement. Nothing was secretive at all. Most of us have announced that we have terminated our relationship with Noble, as is stipulated in the agreement.

I don't think that it was a select group of authors that got their rights back. I understand that a good many were offered. Of course, I'm not privy to numbers, but a good many.

Forge on. Heather Sharp is the person to contact, by email or by mail.


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